• Post Partum Depression

    What are the Symptoms of Postpartum Depression?

    While there are a wide range of symptoms, some of the more common are:

    • Continuous feelings of sadness and uncontrollable crying
    • Severe sleep problems – inability to sleep or sleeping too much
    • Changes in appetite – eating too little or too much
    • Excessive irritability, anger, worry, or agitation
    • Extreme lack of energy and motivation
    • Inability to get pleasure from previously enjoyed activities
    • Lack of interest in the baby, friends, and family
    • Extreme feelings of guilt, worthlessness, despair, or hopelessness
    • Inability to concentrate or make decisions
    • Thoughts of harming the baby or yourself

    Who is At Risk?

    Despite the wonderful joy that a newborn can bring, the year following childbirth is actually the most vulnerable time for a woman to experience a mental health disorder such as postpartum depression. Many factors may play a role, such as:

    • Previous depression or postpartum depression
    • First-time mothers
    • Fathers can have post partum depression as well
    • A family history of mental illness
    • A substance abuse history
    • Complications at delivery
    • Extreme sleep deprivation
    • A very difficult or health-challenged baby
    • Not enough support from family and friends
    • High levels of stress

    There is hope and we are trained to help you to meet your needs.