Life Coaching


Counseling and Coaching focuses on two different time frames, Counseling focuses more on the past that has led you to have severe symptosm of depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation while Coaching focuses on some past expereinces and moves you more towards the future. Both Counseling and Coaching focus on how to make the present time a productive asset to one’s life. Counseling is state specific and has limitations. At this time, I am only licensed in North Carolina as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (Counselor) and you can use your insurance. For Coaching, it has not jurisdiction and is not state regulated and it is an out of pocket expense.

Although many people could benefit from Counseling to completely heal from their past hurt, Coaching offers a goal-oriented approach towards life in the future. Both Counseling and Coaching have the client in mind, the ultimate goal is to enable clients to become the best that they can be. If you are interested in coaching services, a thorough assessment would need to be conducted to determine which method is best for you at this time. It is defintely possible to see a counselor and therapist at the same time. Although I am qualified to perform both services, it is a conflict of interest to do both. If you are interested in coaching please reach out and a Intake Packet will be emailed to you to fill out.

As a Life Coach some areas that I can help you are:

Discovering your passions and interests
Building Self Esteem
Clarifying Your Purpose
Marriage Counseling/Premarital Counseling
Setting Boundaries
Combatting Anxiety
Improving Assertiveness Skills
Improving Interpersonal Relationships
Challenging Negative Beliefs
Anger Management
Inner Healing and Education about Trauma
Grief Coaching
Understanding the Five Fold Ministry and Spiritual Gifts

Initial assessments/consultations are $150 for 60 minutes to assess your needs further and to formulate a plan if you are appropriate for coaching. Sessions are purchased in packages. Sessions are typically $125 an hour and it is required that we meet at least bi-weekly. Homework will be given in between sessions to maximize results. At least 6-8 sessions are needed and each session is 50 minutes long. All sessions are conducted via Video Conference. Package deals are available at the following rates:

3 sessions: $350 (you save $25)

6 sessions: $715 (you save $35)

8 sessions: $950 (you save $50)

Please Note: No refunds will be issued.