• Setting Boundaries

    I have been a Therapist since 2013 and a Social Worker since 2006.  What I have noticed over the course of my career is when new clients begin therapy or coaching with me their primary complaints are

    1. Symptoms of anxiety

    2. Not feeling loved, valued, heard, or appreciated.

    3. Feelings of rejection

    4. Symptoms of depression

    5. Struggling to engage in self-care

    6. Feeling burnt out at work, home, and in relationships

    As I get to know them, I quickly realize that the root of some of their complaints are due to “The Lack of Boundaries”.

    Listen, I get it I have been there before, and I had to embark on my own Journey to setting boundaries.  I was so tired of experiencing the same symptoms that many of my clients’ experience today and I became adamite about changing that.

    Here are some signs that you need to improve your boundaries:

    1. You feel overwhelmed

    2. You feel resentment toward people for asking for your help.

    3. You avoid phone calls and interactions with people you think might ask for something.

    4. You make comments about helping people and getting nothing in return.

    5. You feel burned out and no time for yourself

    6. You want to just disappear so that you can escape the many burdens that you are probably carrying.

    You can download my free guide: 10 Ways to Set Boundaries: God’s Way!